Our Quality Standards

The Maison du Vigneron prides itself on striking the perfect balance between a winemaker with great traditional know-how and a modern organisation that adroitly navigates today’s market-place.

Since it was first founded, the Maison du Vigneron has cultivated a partnership between 100 different grape-growing vineyards, which work in close collaboration with winegrowing experts following meticulously recorded specifications and checks. In this way, we are able to ensure traceability in every subsidiary: from the source upwards, with the grape-growers to ensure a rigorous selection of grapes right up to distribution of the finished product, from the wine-growers downwards, with the objective of producing the best-quality Jura wines and crémants.

For the Maison du Vigneron, this is top priority.

In order to satisfy our own high standards of quality, we work in accordance with a quality standards charter that was drawn-up in collaboration with member winemakers who today control a total winegrowing area of 130 hectares.

With the advantage of the great expertise gained by our professional winemakers over the years, not to mention our cutting-edge equipment, we can monitor with the utmost control and skill the winemaking process of our wines and crémants. Today there still remain two crucial steps in the process of creating an exceptional vintage: firstly, optimal bottling conditions, secondly, an analysis then wine-tasting of the product conducted in a top-of-the-range laboratory.

The culmination of all these actions leads to truly great wines that give the best reflection of the qualities and unique character of the region’s soil.

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