The Maison du Vigneron is a prized haven of traditional skills and unbeatable winemaking knowledge, laying out a full selection of wines and crémants from the Jura region. White wines and red wines, vin jaune and vin de paille, Jura crémants and Macvin liqueurs, all lie maturing under our watchful gaze within barrels in our wine storerooms.

The Maison du Vigneron is the principal producer of the Jurassian winegrowing region, passionately raising the entire region’s great reputation. With its impressive prevalence throughout all the Jurassian appellations, the Maison du Vigneron constantly strives to establish great renown for the Jurassian vines and their wonderful variety. The wines still owe their great reputation to the renowned quality of the region’s soil, as well as its conservation of cultural practices and traditional winemaking methods. The climate, the soil and the native grape varieties, such as Savagnin, Poulsard and Trousseau, these are what make Jura such a unique winemaking region that will continue to delight from your very first visit to your hundredth!

The Maison du Vigneron, N° 1 Producer of Jura Wines and Crémants!

For generations now, the Maison du Vigneron has been devoted to growing, producing and distributing exceptional Jura Wines and Crémants, with an impressive prevalence over all appellations:

- AOP Arbois
- AOP Château Chalon
- AOP L’Etoile
- AOP Côtes du Jura
- AOP Macvin du Jura
- AOP Crémant du Jura

In addition to the AOP wines, the Maison du Vigneron is also specialised in producing Vin Jaune and Vin de Paille, or raisin wine (both also AOP-certified): two prized jewels of the Jurassian wine selection.

Here at the Maison du Vigneron, we have built a bridge between tradition and modernisation, with cutting-edge winemaking technologies, allowing us to produce our wines while still conserving and protecting the land and the characteristics of the grape.

This great achievement is the reason why the Maison du Vigneron is the principal producer of the Crémant du Jura, launched in 1995.


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