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Vin Jaune

Vin Jaune is one of the most prestigious wines in the world.

It is found in the appellations Cotes du Jura, Arbois ,Etoile and Chateau Chalon.

It has been called the king of wines, and its bold, gleaming yellow colour gives it the appearance of molten gold. Vin Jaune is unique in the particular aromatic palate it develops, so much so that finding the words to describe it is nigh on impossible. The taste of Vin Jaune stays with you forever, take the time to feast your eyes on its golden robe, let that extraordinary aroma set off sensory fireworks in your mind, and savour its heavy and striking body. This is a unique wine that should be laid down, extremely rewarding to those who truly appreciate its character. The grape variety used in its production is the Savagnin, an exceptional Jurassian grape variety that is instantly recognisable and the delight of many.


The grape harvest usually takes place in October, when the grapes are picked by hand, crushed and pressed. The wine is then left to mature, which, for this wine, is a long and delicate process. Before it is sold, vin jaune must be matured over six years and three months in 228-litre barrels. Inside the barrel, the wine evaporates and the headspace is never topped up, this is in order to create that famous “voile”, or layer of yeast, that makes vin jaune so unique.

Our wine storeroom has a capacity of 6600 barrels, and precision-control of the storeroom temperature is vital. For a wine to really develop well, temperature variations between summer and winter must be closely monitored and controlled. Barrels that have held vin jaune are reused for the next batch, encouraging the “voile” of yeast to develop more quickly, or are used for storing other white wines, imbuing them with just a taste of the prestigious vin jaune character.

The barrels are also used for storing Vin de Paille, or raisin wine, which matures over a minimum of three years; eau de vie used in producing the Macvin liqueur, for a minimum of 18 months; and for the Macvin itself, maturing over a minimum of 10 months.



Did you know?

Vin Jaune is bottled in specially-made Clavelin bottles, unique to Château-Chalon. Part of winemaking tradition, these bottles have an unusual shape which is specially designed for Vin Jaune. They hold 62 centilitres, a quantity that corresponds exactly to the amount of Vin Jaune remaining after the six years and three month-maturing process for each litre of wine initially put in barrels. The amount missing has disappeared and is called the “angel’s share”.

An ideal companion

It is clear that the best companion for Vin Jaune is the Comté cheese. Nibble on a slice while sipping on some Vin Jaune and you will experience an almost divine taste sensation.

To get the very best out of Vin Jaune you need the right balance. It begins as a white wine, and goes well with the most of refined dishes, ideally white meat such as poultry or creamy fish dishes, exotic dishes, morille mushrooms or cheeses, even very pungent varieties.

Recipe tip: chicken with vin jaune accompanied by morille mushrooms


⇒ It should be served at temperatures ranging from 14°, for the youngest wines, to 17°C, for a mature Château-Chalon.
⇒ The wine should be left to breathe at least 24 hours before tasting.
⇒ This wine can be kept for over 30 years.

Château Chalon

Likened to a rich elixir, it originates from Château Chalon.

The vineyards of Chateau Chalon and neighboring villages (Château-Chalon (AOC)) and yellow wines of high quality and high guard are famous since the Gallic era.
The Roman emperor Probus ordered by an edict in 280 that be planted many vineyards on the hills of favorable Sequania (ancient Gallic Franche-Comté), given the success of the wine from this vineyard.
An important Benedictine abbey for women existed in Château-Chalon from the Carolingian period to the Revolution. It was protected by fortifications and a dungeon with a few ruins remain.
It was secularized in the thirteenth century to become an abbey of nobles will. Now demolished, it was next to St Peter's church of the twelfth century.
The legendary tradition says that it is the canons of this abbey that would have come from the Tokay vines that made the reputation of the vineyard.

The harvest is in October, two weeks after the chardonnay. It is common to say that this is a wine of "ice", because of its late harvest.
The grapes are harvested by hand, crushed and pressed.
The juice is decanted and fermented.
At the end of the fermentation, the wine is racked and sang in oak barrels for a minimum period of six years and three months.
The drums of 228 liters are stored in cellars characterized by dry air and temperature differences between winter and été.Pendant these six barrels are not completed.
They say they are not "topped up", that is to say, we do not deliver wine to compensate for evaporation as happens every week in Burgundy.
. It then develops on the surface of wine a veil of specific yeast that will work idling in the dark cellars and give this wine its own character that will be one of the first wines of France


Vin de Paille
The unique character of this wine is determined from the very selection of the best clusters of grapes, ensuring its magnificent nectar. The grapes are dried for several months in open air, in oldentimes on a bed of straw, from whence it takes the name of vin de paille, or “straw” wine. The grapes are then pressed, and the wine is matured for three years in barrels. Vin de Paille is a rich, heavy and sweet wine, that gives off an explosive aroma of sugared fruit, caramel, tea and spices.

An ideal companion

This is an aperitif wine, ideally accompanied by foie gras or a spiced duck magret, by a blue-veined cheese, or with a dessert such as confit apple or pear or a chocolate treat.

⇒ This wine should be served at temperatures ranging from 5 to 8°C.


The Tradition

This wine has a unique character, as it is a blend of Chardonnay and Savignon, a loving partnership of delicacy and class.

Chardonnay represents the most common grape variety in all of Jura, lending blends its delicate aromas and gripping the senses with a fresh and lively bouquet.

Savagnin is a characteristically Jurassian grape variety, primarily used in the production of Vin Jaune. It is naturally rich in acidity and alcohol and lends wine notes of haselnut and almond that you won’t find elsewhere.

An ideal companion

This wine particularly shines when savoured with meat and cheese dishes, perfect when accompanied by a raclette or even cheese crêpes.

Our grape varieties

White : Savagnin, Chardonnay

Red : Poulsard, Trousseau, Pinot Noir


The Macvin

 Velvety wine liquor; born from the meeting of grape must and marc stalked, Macvin Jura attracted since the fourteenth century the sharpest palate. With its deep amber color with intensity and candied aromas of cooked fruit, pear, plum and also its spicy notes, Macvin Jura is fresh and natural aperitif of excellence. Let yourself be seduced by this amazing wedding fruity sweetness and power!

Drink your Macvin very fresh, 6-8 ° C, to unveil the largest possibilities alchemy alcohol and aromas.

An ideal companion

Stressed dice County and some nuts as an aperitif, Macvin Jura will be well accompanied ... But he knows also wonder input with fresh melon topped with a thin slice of smoked ham. In the kitchen, it is the talent of the finest cordon bleu, which reduce in delicate caramel to enhance foie gras. For dessert, he accompanied a gingerbread refreshed with vanilla ice cream.

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